Cleaning closets

I cleaned my closet yesterday.  I created a veritable mountain of clothing that the heavier me used to wear.  It was a cathartic experience. 

Today is my orientation session for Team in Training (Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon in May).  I’m nervous and excited, a bit like a kid on the first day of school. As I ran on the treadmill last night, though, I really began to question my ability to run 13 miles.  I am going to train. I am going to try. I’m just not certain that it’s in my DNA. I won’t throw in the towel until I’m forced to, though!

Diet’s been spot-on today.  I’ve got to finish it out. I need a perfect day.  January’s been rough for me with the eating. The eating is always the part of the weight-loss equation that vexes me.